Removing the Stigma and Integration

By inviting our beneficiaries to volunteer, intern and work on film, theatre and community projects, we are encouraging integration and mentorship. We also have a long history of working with young people, who also volunteer on our fundraising and wellbeing projects to incite action and create change for our beneficiaries. We are all in it together and dedicated to removing the stigma. Integration is impossible without acceptance.

The aim of working with young people is to tackle the many stigmas in society including the stigmas surrounding homelessness and vulnerable women, starting with the next generation. Stigmas often come from ignorance, so education is important. Change can only be made once people are able to overcome their prejudices. By working with young people, we are redefining their beliefs and are allowing them to help us change the situation. Young people are the next generation and are therefore the most important people to work with as it is young people and their ideas and beliefs that will shape the future of society.

One way we work with young people is by teaming up with RAaW London, a film, theatre and training company based in Camden. The young people are passionate and motivated to make a difference. We are able to break down barriers and remove stigmas when people are willing to listen and learn. We have found that young people, often being surrounded by many stigmas themselves, are open to new ideas and perspectives.

Removing stigma

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