Management of Project:

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Robbi Stevens

Robbi Stevens is a film and theatre producer, writer and director and community activist. She launched film, theatre, and training company - RAaW London in 2000 and has developed her own acting technique – The Stevens Technique, which she workshops with actors, vulnerable women and the homeless community in London. At the heart of her creative projects lies a humanitarian spirit and ethos and she is particularly interested in using theatre and film to incite change on issues of equality.

Her aim within the community, is to give homeless people and vulnerable women a safe place to build their lives and move forward with new beginnings. She wants to bring the communities together to increase opportunities, innovation, and diversity. She is committed to building a strong creative community to incite change and move to action!

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Erim Metto JP ICFM

Erim Metto is currently the CEO of the TCCA. In 1996, Erim became the first appointed Turkish-speaking Magistrate in the UK, a position he holds to this date. He is chair of parent governors at an award-winning North London school, and has the accolade of being Olympic torch bearer during the 2012 Olympics.

Within the third sector, Erim has been actively working with charities for over 25 years. His work has included project management, fundraising initiatives and project development such as classes for women, trips for the elderly, conferences dealing with, health checks for the isolated, mentoring and empowerment of our young.

As a keen filmmaker, Erim has and continues to produce work that platforms the identity of Turkish Cypriots and to date has been involved in over forty productions. Metto supports many philanthropic initiatives from helping London’s homeless through to supporting Syrian street kids in Istanbul.

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Abbie Elliott

Abbie Elliott may not be as experienced as the others, but she cares just as much. As a female growing up in North London, there was always the understanding that you have to be aware of the constant threat around the corner.

As a society, we have become desensitised, but people suffering isn’t normal and we should never forget that. People shouldn’t be forced to sleep on the streets or put up with unbearable situations. There doesn’t need to be a big paragraph explaining why we need to make a change.

Executive Advisors:

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Fatma Huseyin
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Gulay Ermiya
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Hussain Hashim Bakayi Mustafa
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Dan Atkins
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Munevver Borova


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