Our Vision:

We believe that everyone should have the chance at achieving excellence and happiness in their lives. We want their vision to be within reach, no matter where they have come from or what they have endured. We want to create positive change in individual lives and, through hard work and professionalism, strive for a better humanity.

Our Story:

Haven for Hope was founded in October 2019 with the aim of making the world a little bit better. Inspiring people to help can be difficult due to the stigmas, mental health and physical barriers, however with hope and trust we are starting to do create change.

What We Do:

We create opportunities for vulnerable women and people who, for any reason, have found themselves homeless. To rise stronger than what we could ever imagine, we first must dance with what we believe to be most fearful.

How and why do we do it?

Through collaborating with real people with real stories, we want to create a Haven or those that need it. We want to open people’s minds and remove the stigma by helping them see the world through someone else’s eyes. We are Haven. We are Hope.

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